Archived-At Email Header From Mailman 3 Lists

By now most Fedora email lists have been migrated to Mailman3. One little (but killer) new feature that I recently discovered was that Mailman3 includes the RFC 5064 Archived-At header in the emails.

This is a feature I have wanted for a really long time; to be able to find an email in your Inbox and copy and paste a link to anyone without having to find the message in the online archive is going to save a lot of time and decrease some latency when chatting on IRC or some other form of real time communication.

OK, how do I easily get this information out of the header and use it without having to view the email source every time?

I use Thunderbird for most of my email viewing (sometimes mutt for composing). In Thunderbird there is the Archived-At plugin. After installing this plugin you can right click on any message from a capable mailing list and select "Copy Archived-At URL".

Now you are off to share that URL with friends :)

Happy New Year!