F22 Cloud/Atomic Test Day May 7th!

Hey everyone! Fedora 22 is on the cusp of being released and the Fedora Cloud Working Group has elected to organize a test day for May 7th in order to work out some bugs before shipping it off to the rest of the world.

With a new release comes some new features and tools. We are working on Vagrant images as well as a testing tool called Tunir. Joe Brockmeier has a nice writeup about Vagrant and Kushal Das maintains some docs on Tunir.

On the test day we will be testing both the Cloud Base Image and the Fedora Atomic Host cloud image. The landing pages where we are organizing instructions and information are here (for Cloud Base) and there (for Atomic). If you're available to test on the test day (or any other time) please go there and fill out your name and test results.

Happy Testing!