2020 Fedora CoreOS Lab

Setting Up For The Lab This lab uses a Fedora CoreOS image and several utilities (fcct, ignition-validate) to introduce a user to provisioning and exploring a Fedora CoreOS system. This lab is written targeting a Linux environment with a working libvirt/kvm setup. To perform this lab you need to download the tar archive at this link (signed checksum file) and extract it. We recommend extracting it into your home directory like so: [Read More]

Running a script on bootup via Ignition

Introduction With Fedora CoreOS Ignition is being used to configure nodes on first boot. While Ignition json configs are not intended to be a tool that users typically interact with (we are building tooling like fcct for that) I’ll show you an example of how to deliver a script to a Fedora CoreOS (or RHEL CoreOS) host so that it will be run on first boot. Write the script Let’s say we have a small script we want to run that updates the issuegen from console-login-helper-messages to output the node’s public IPv4 address on the serial console during bootup. [Read More]