Fedora 26 Atomic Host August 08 Release

cross posted with this Project Atomic blog post A new Fedora Atomic Host update is available via an OSTree commit: Commit: f6331bcd14577e0ee43db3ba5a44e0f63f74a86e3955604c20542df0b7ad8ad6 Version: 26.101 In this release we have fixed an issue with our qcow and vagrant images from the 20170723 release. If you used the qcow or vagrant images from that release then please make sure you are following the fedora/26/x86_64/atomic-host ref. See this Atomic Working Group issue for more details. [Read More]

How Do We Create OSTree Repos and Artifacts in Fedora

a more permanent version of this content lives here Introduction NOTE: For background on OSTree check out the docs. When you want to create a new OSTree using rpm-ostree you usually define a few yum repos, and then a json file that says what rpms you want to be composed in the tree. You then run an rpm-ostree compose tree command to create the commit in the ostree repo. Once the ostree commit has been created you can then create installer images (ISOs) and cloud/VM images (qcow, etc) from that ostree. [Read More]

Fedora 25->26 Atomic Host Upgrade Guide

cross posted with this Project Atomic blog post and this Fedora Magazine post Introduction In July we put out the first and second releases of Fedora 26 Atomic Host. In this blog post we’ll cover updating an existing Fedora 25 Atomic Host system to Fedora 26. We’ll cover preparing the system for upgrade and performing the upgrade. NOTE: If you really don’t want to upgrade to Fedora 26 see the later section: Appendix B: Fedora 25 Atomic Host Life Support. [Read More]