OpenShift OKD on Fedora CoreOS on DigitalOcean Part 0: Preparation

Introduction This blog post is the first in a series that will illustrate how to set up an OpenShift OKD cluster on DigitalOcean using the bare metal install documentation (user provisioned infrastructure). OKD has tight integrations with the Operating System and uses Fedora CoreOS as a platform for driving the underlying infrastructure, thus we’ll be deploying on top of Fedora CoreOS images inside of DigitalOcean. The documentation for OKD is pretty comprehensive, but there is nothing like having a guide to help fill in some of the gaps and show an example of it working with real world values. [Read More]

The K9s TUI for Kubernetes

If you’ve ever had a chance to “nerd out” with me much I’ve probably told you about at least one TUI that I use to make my daily work life easier. Some of my favorites include htop, tig, tmux (not sure if tmux counts), etc.. Lately I’ve been finding myself using Kubernetes/OpenShift much more and I have often thought to myself I wish a nice TUI existed to get in and navigate resources in a Kubernetes environment. [Read More]